Friday, October 28, 2016

Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail

Gmail vs. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo or Gmail? Gmail or Yahoo? It’s time to get the conclusion of the hottest debate in the emailing arena. 

·       Prompt and easy chat – No matter how good Yahoo Mail is in terms of convenient and fascinating emailing experience but when it comes to connecting with the online contacts, Gmail beats Yahoo simply and considerably. Hangouts from Gmail is indeed a blessing when it comes to chatting and sharing stuff with the online contacts. Yahoo messenger is old-school in this scenario.   

·       Attachments and Size – Need to send 10 or more files to your boss, colleague or buddy? Gmail is your pick in that case. It’s not like that Yahoo doesn’t allow you to attach multiple files at a time but you have to tolerate a separate screen to get this benefit and don’t forget to mind the file sizes. Yahoo lets you share lower file sizes than Gmail. Talking about size, Gmail beats all the other e-mailing services in terms of storage size.

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