Friday, October 28, 2016

Gmail vs. Hotmail (

Gmail vs. Hotmail (

Switching to Gmail or Hotmail is not a matter of concern but when it’s about the features, user-centric interface, the convenience of use and personal choice then a comparison between the peers is pretty obvious. or Hotmail is a great e-mail service that is suitable for personal as well as official use. It found its inception back in 1996. The service is simple and uncluttered. It allows you to leverage the features that an e-mailer or a recipient may indeed require. The service allows creating an alias ID that can be bumped off anytime by the user. Hotmail maybe seeing a low phase at present but it was definitely the most desirable and globally preferred emailing service once. needs no highlights today. It is the biggest emailing platform at the moment connecting billions of users. Gmail excels every emailing service in terms of storage space which is simply not a small talk. YouTube – the biggest video sharing online platform at present can only be linked using a Gmail ID. If you look at a broader level, you got Gmail For Work to cater to your advanced business needs that can’t be fulfilled by any of the existing emailing services.          

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